The innovation discovery tool for savvy investors

How It Works

Unlike business editor ratings, single company reports, or equity analysts with preconceived beliefs about a company, the Innovation Check system uses unbiased AI to power through hundreds of thousands of earnings transcripts to assess innovation. This saves investors untold hours of analysis and identifies patterns that are easily missed without the benefit of a custom-designed AI system.

The Benefits

Analysts and investors need every tool available to understand rapidly evolving business opportunities. But time is limited. For this reason, many investors focus on quantitative company data and overlook the rich insights that can be gleaned from company transcripts.

We bridge the gap between numerical data and textual information by quantifying a company’s emphasis on innovation in their communication with investors:


Successful companies embrace innovation, the process of creating or re-imagining new inventions, products, and services.


Business experts recognize innovation when they listen to an earnings call, attend an industry conference, or read an article.


Innovation Check drastically reduces the time it takes to find true innovation.

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