Your Portfolio Needs an Innovation Check

Innovation Check dynamically provides investors with an Innovation Score for thousands of publicly traded companies; a high innovation score can be a buy signal just as a low score can be a red flag to sell. Saves hours of listening to Earnings Calls and digging through Earnings Reports.


Innovation is the life force of a business

Innovation in products, services, operations and markets determine a company’s attractiveness for future earnings potential, long-term market traction and ability to solve new problems.


Companies that do not consistently innovate do not sustain growth and underperform in the marketplace. Innovation Check will help you evaluate a company by quantifying innovation.


Compare company innovation within and across sectors

Save countless hours of reading through company earnings reports or listening to conference calls.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is key

Innovation Check system uses unbiased AI to power through hundreds of thousands of earnings transcripts to assess innovation.

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